Environmental Performance

We are working hard to do more with fewer resources and to find better ways to reduce our ecological footprint. 

We contribute with waste diversion because the raw materials that we use are post consumer materials, such as corrugated cardboard and plastic bottles. Furthermore, all our products can have a sustainable final disposal. The corrugated cardboard crafts can be disposed in the compost bin and the hand crafted goods made from plastic bottles can be recycled.

Until now, we have diverted from the landfill more than 6,000 plastic bottles and about 60 ton of corrugated cardboard, which represents a volume equivalent to an Olympic pool.Thanks to all our customers, we have saved more than:

  • 647 kg of GHG emissions
  • 2,280 kWh of energy
  • 309 Kg from the landfill

This is equivalent of 561 cars taken off the road. We hope to continue having your support and increase our positive impact to the environment and to protect as much as possible our valuable natural resources.