Consulting Services


Ciclomanias is committed to support the well-being of our communities by building capacity, developing outreach and hands-on learning programs, regenerative practices while contributing towards a circular economy.

Our services include:

● Development of energy literacy and environmental education programs for schools and universities.

● Design waste prevention and diversion strategies for SMEs, schools, indigenous communities and municipalities.

● Train urban farmers, growers and gardeners about regenerative practices, how to restore soil, make soil amendments, improve yields, control weeds and diseases.

● Conduct soil biology assessments by our Certified Lab-Technicians-trained by Dr. Elain Ingham Soil Food Web School.

● Develop and implement an ecosystem restoration plan by our experts trained by Ecosystem Restoration Communities and Earth Connection Center.

These services have helped communities and businesses create sustainable solutions, conserve resources, regenerate soils and emulate nature to see waste as a resource.