Our Partners

Inspired by nature, Ciclomanias has created a series of educational programs by means of art and science.

The relevance and quality of the content developed and the effective delivery of our programs have been made possible thanks to the collaboration and partnerships consolidated over years with several organizations.

Ciclomanias has joined efforts with the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, to prevent food waste across North America. We are happy to support the campaign “Let´s Shrink Food Waste Mountain”. To learn more about this proactive organization and ways to reduce food waste visit CEC

Ciclomanias has been an active member of Calgary Dollars Association for more than 11 years. We accept up to 30 percent Calgary dollars in the purchase of any of our products. Together, we have actively promoted local businesses by using local currency (Calgary Dollars) and outreach activities related to circular economies and social justice. In 2021, Ciclomanias was awarded by Calgary Dollars the Take Action Grant to develop and to implement the Zero Waste Ambassadors at Home Program.

Since 2012, Ciclomanias in collaboration with Nature’s Ride have developed a series of environmental education and energy literacy programs. Both organizations have trained and closely worked with graduate students from the Sustainable Energy Development Master of Science Program at the University of Calgary.

Ciclomanias, in collaboration with Nature’s Ride, developed the "Junior Energy Prosumer" program and the "Waste is not Waste" summer camp. We enjoy protecting our natural environment through science and art-based programs.

Over ten years of close collaboration with Alberta Council for Environmental Education, Ciclomanias has been part of the community of practise to embed sustainability principles in Alberta’s K-12 curriculum and to develop cross-curricular competencies and systems thinking approach. Ciclomanias has facilitated Classroom Programs and has lately been providing Resources for Parents to engage with their kids during COVID-19 pandemic.