Ciclomanias in a Nutshell

Ciclomanias is a social enterprise that offers a wide variety of upcycled art and crafts, including DIY kits and provides art and science- based programs guided by Traditional Ecological Knowledge. For instance, the concept of waste doesn’t exist in nature or indigenous ways of living. At Ciclomanias, we love learning from Nature and Traditional Ecological knowledge to prevent waste, upcycle unwanted products and to adopt regenerative ways of living.

Ciclomanias is a pioneer organization rethinking waste and contributing to a circular economy. For over fifteen years it has been able to play an important role in Alberta, Canada, and Mexico, particularly upcycling materials and building a culture of environmental awareness, and social justice while building capacity and engaging with local and international organizations.

Ciclomanias tackles these ambitious objectives by offering the following services and products:

Environmentally friendly and hand-crafted art and crafts using recycled materials such as corrugated cardboard boxes and plastic bottles.

Our products include:

Environmental programs through art and entertainment, enabling sensory and cognitive development while creating environmentally literate and socially responsible citizens.

Our programs include:

Consulting services to support the well-being of our communities by building capacity, preserving resources, and implementing regenerative practices.

Our services include:

  • Development of energy literacy and environmental education programs.
  • Design waste prevention and diversion strategies.
  • Train urban farmers, growers and gardeners about regenerative practices, how to restore soil, make soil amendments, improve yields, control weeds and diseases.
  • Conduct soil biology assessments by our Certified Lab-Technicians-trained by Dr. Elain Ingham Soil Food Web School
  • Develop and implement an ecosystem restoration plan by our experts trained by Ecosystem Restoration Communities and Earth Connection Center.