Waste Audit


What gets measured gets managed!

A waste audit is a great way to measure and to determine what the potential for waste diversion is and to improve waste diversion programs. It helps organizations understand the type and amount of waste generated in a given period of time. It creates a solid baseline to develop and implement waste reduction strategies. Two waste audits are included as part of our Zero Waste Ambassador Program to evaluate its effectiveness.


Waste is collected from the day before the audit is conducted. The waste is sorted into different categories and it is measured by the auditor. The waste auditor uses appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and is knowledgeable on-site safety and emergency response procedures.

Two waste audits are recommendable to have in place to evaluate progress after implementing the Zero Waste Ambassador Program. The preliminary waste audit will serve as a baseline to compare it with the final waste audit at the end of the program and evaluate if behavior change has been achieved and if it has contributed to a higher waste diversion rate. By knowing our waste, we know what we can change.


Our waste audits have allowed decision makers to prevent waste by developing effective waste reduction strategies. The waste audits have been offered to SMEs, Universities, schools and First Nations to support their zero waste missions. Thanks to the Zero Waste Ambassador Program participants, we have diverted from the landfill 5 tonnes of corrugated cardboard, 3 tonnes of recycled plastic bottles, 2 tonnes of metals, and more than 10 tonnes of organic waste.


● Duration of the waste audit: 1 - 2 hours depending on the amount of waste.

● Waste audit can include the participation of grade 4-12 students.

● Available in English or Spanish.


● Cost varies depending on the number of waste audits to be conducted and the amount of waste to be audited.