Zero Waste Program


This program aims to promote a sustainable lifestyle, with a focus on domestic waste management. Its purpose is to equip participants with practical tools and concrete actions they can take to reduce waste, vermicompost or compost organic waste generated at home and upcycle waste into useful and decorative items, contributing towards a circular economy.

It also provides environmental curriculum resources for the classrooms through science and arts-based approaches, enabling sensory and cognitive development.

Learning Outcomes

Session 1
Conduct a waste audit, create a baseline and plan an effective waste diversion program.
Session 2
Given unique painting and upcycling art techniques, create an upcycled project with recycled materials to reduce waste at home, office or at the school.
Session 3
Given instructions, create a simple vermicomposting system at home, office or school which keeps organic waste out of the landfill.
Session 4
Learn about different gardening techniques used to grow edible and medicinal plants and how to regenerate soil using organic fertilizers.
Session 5
Conduct a waste audit to compare it with the baseline and to calculate waste diversion rate achieved.