Our Social Responsibility


We have engaged with more than 10,000 children, youths, adults and seniors from Mexico and Canada in a wide diversity of hands-on learning environmental education programs to adopt a regenerative mindset rooted on Traditional Ecological knowledge and values.

The relevance and quality of the content developed and the effective delivery of our programs have been made possible thanks to the collaboration and partnerships consolidated over years with several organizations and the generosity of our sponsors to support our work.

We are grateful for the support provided by TELUS Indigenous community fund, TELUS Community Boards, TSAG, and West Coast Seeds for your kind donations and generosity reinforcing food security and building capacity within First Nations.

One for One Model

Beside our environmental education programs and the creation of handmade upcycled Art and crafts, we seek to provide a life changing experience for children in Canada as well as in Mexico by implementing the One for One Model.

For every upcycling workshop we provide in Canada, part of the proceeds are allocated to provide an equivalent workshop for a rural community in Mexico.

Building on this connection between Canada and Mexico, Ciclomanias has co-authored a bilingual children’s book about an iconic animal that connects these two countries, the Monarch Butterfly (Lotli). This keystone species is used to raise awareness about its biology, environmental conservation and concrete actions that kids and families can take to protect them and the environment, prevent waste, and change behavior. The book has been read by children and adults to encourage systems thinking and to reflect how the concept of waste does not exist in nature.