Environmental Impact

We aim to do more with fewer resources and to find better ways to eliminate waste and to contribute with a circular economy. 

We contribute with waste diversion because the raw materials that we use are post consumer materials, such as recycled corrugated cardboard boxes and tubes, plastic bottles, tin cans, aluminum tabs, and food scraps. The crafts made of corrugated cardboard , plastic, and metals can be recycled at the end of their life. The food scraps are used to make vermicompost which works as a soil amendment to regenerate soil.

Thanks to our customers and community of changemakers we have diverted from the landfill:


5 tonnes of Recycled Corrugated Cardboard


3 tonnes of Recycled Plastic Bottles


2 Tonnes of Metals


10 Tonnes of Organic Materials


Fun Facts

  • The calculations for CO2 emissions were taken from Recyclewits website:
  • CO2 equivalencies were calculated using EPA's Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator:
  • Facts infographics were taken from: , and