Storytelling Workshop


This workshop uses either the story of Akai and Mamoo (Orca Whales) or Lotli (Monarch Butterfly) to learn about the importance of taking care of animals and their habitats. The story is presented in a theatre setting to learn about animals, their habitats, their biology, and the challenges the animals face particularly by plastic contamination and the use of chemical fertilizers.


Actively participate in the story and play the main characters, such as the caterpillar, bees, rabbits, the spider, and the Monarch butterfly, to act out the story as told by Mother Nature. Comprehend the metamorphosis of the butterflies, their migration, and the important role that they play in our food supply systems (Lotli). Actively participate in the story, using costumes, puppets, and props, such as the “What If” boat. Engage in the conversation about Orca whales habitat, conservation initiatives and practical ways to reduce ocean pollution caused by plastics (Akai and Mamoo).


These performances have been presented at the International Children’s Festival in St. Albert, the Fringe festival in Edmonton, the Lilac Festival in Calgary, and in Mexico as part of the “1 for 1 Model” program. This program has benefited about 3,000 families and students in both Alberta and rural schools in Mexico.


● Duration of workshop: 60 minutes

● Workshops can be customized for all ages.

● Available in-person or as an online session.

● Available in English or Spanish.


● Workshop includes four to six characters, props, set up and take down.

● Cost varies depending on the number of characters and degree of customization.