Emulating nature to upcycle waste while contributing to a circular economy



Earth Day at Southcentre Mall

Earth Day at Southcentre Mall

Thanks to Ciclomanias for celebrating with us Earth Day at Southcentre Mall. Visitors of all ages enjoyed the craft activity and the opportunity to take a picture behind the beautiful frame you decorated. Looking forward to working with you in future events!

Alexandra Velosa
Marketing Manager
Oxford Properties Group

Testimonial Calgary Multicultural Arts Society

Calgary Multicultural Arts Society

"We found Ciclomanias to be a visionary in the field of waste reduction and blazing the trail for future generations to come. We have collaborated with Ciclomanias for more than ten years. We have invited Ciclomanias to join us in our effort to bring families together and raise awareness about environmental conservation and waste reduction. Ciclomanias has a unique hands-on learning approach of offering workshops to families by upcycling and vermicomposting workshops. Beside the upcycling artwork and workshops offered to the public, Ciclomanias has also performed at one of our popular festivals, the Lilac festival. During this festival they have engaged with families through storytelling, and music based on Ciclomanias’ children books. Over the years, these stories have captured the attention of hundreds of kids and families that learn about environmental conservation and ways to reduce waste in our communities."

Christian Greiffenstein
Executive Director
Calgary Multicultural Arts Society

Testimonial Nature's Ride

Nature's Ride

"Nature’s Ride has worked with Ciclomanias since 2012 in different initiatives such as the development of environmental education programs for elementary schools in Alberta as well as the development of environmental education children’s books. During this time, we have participated in different venues which includes libraries, International Children’s Festivals, and elementary and high schools. Together we have been able to impact more than 2,000 students, and families that have attended our workshops and storytelling performances. Ciclomanias has incorporated more than the 3 R’s teaching us about rethinking waste and contributing to local economies that use waste as its main inspiration and raw material. Ciclomanias is a visionary organization that contributes with a circular economy while changing behavior in a fun and creative way through arts and science."

Irene Herremans
Executive Director
Nature’s Ride Through Art Society

Recycling Council of Alberta

Recycling Council of Alberta

"Elizabeth and her team at Ciclomanias provided us with over 40 hand made picture frames to use as speaker gifts at our large annual conference. The frames were not only really well made and beautiful, but Elizabeth and her team took the time to handcraft each frame to include characters from our sea themed event. The frames were all unique and personalized to match our event. Elizabeth is a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend her art to any organization. Elizabeth, who was the lead in this project, is a true artist and someone you go to when looking for sustainable, personalized, and beautiful locally made art pieces."

Lindsay Seidel-Wassenaar
Recycling Council of Alberta

Testimonial University of Calgary

University of Calgary

"Liz and Ciclomanias held a virtual session for the Werklund School of Education Staff Professional Development Day. We made the bottle planters/pencil holders. We went from planning an in-person full day event to a virtual full day event within just a few short weeks. Liz was lovely and accommodating around every part of the changes and rearranging of the planning. Her online presentation was easy to follow and we had very positive responses from our staff. Liz’s bubbly personality shines through even when using videoconferencing. Liz then provided us with some extra materials afterwards, which was greatly appreciated and very helpful, given the unique circumstances of this session."

Judith Berzins
Office of Internationalization Werklund School of Education University of Calgary

Testimonial Our Lady of Peace Elementary School

Our Lady of Peace Elementary School

"Elizabeth makes beautiful art and advocates for the environment. She is a leader in our community."

Jesica Torres
Grade 4 teacher
Our lady of Peace Elementary School
Calgary, Canada.

Testimonial Royal Alberta Museum

Royal Alberta Museum

"The book of “Lotli” is one of the most comprehensive childen’s book that I have seen. It is difficult not to fall in love with Lotli the caterpillar, whose noble acts convey to the reader a number of principles and values that I feel are important to promote in children of all ages. Values such as friendship, compassion, and self confidence arises in this beautiful legend. The book of “Lotli” also provides a gateway to discussing topics on environmental education and natural sciences, which are important to the development of environmental literacy inside and outside of the classroom. As it is mentioned in the second section of the book, the monarch butterfly is without question one of nature’s wonders, and it is our responsibility to develop practices that will promote its conservation and that of other species as well. I congratulate the authors for connecting art, literature, and environmental education in such a fun and creative way."

Dr. Christina Barron-Ortiz
Assistant Curator, Quaternary Palaeontology
Royal Alberta Museum
Edomonton, Canada

Testimonial Calgary Baby and Tot Show

Calgary Baby and Tot Show

"I would highly recommend the services of Elizabeth with Ciclomanias, Elizabeth is very professional and a delight to work with. Upcycling is becoming more of a common word in our vocabulary and it is so wonderful to see the many ways that Elizabeth has incorporated items that we waste daily and how to turn them into works of art and useful pieces too! My first experience of reusing cardboard for show decor went over so well that I invested more the second show into this same decor. Attendees loved the concept! Elizabeth also held daily workshops where she made up kits for the children and their parents to enjoy making taking some time out of their busy day to be creative ad take home a treasure made from items that were upcycled."

Kelly Kennedy
Owner, Calgary Baby and Tot Show

Custom Artwork

Custom Artwork

I instantly fell in love with the layered "Monarch". The unique style of art gives a 3D look that is detailed and beautiful. I enjoyed it so much that I asked Elizabeth to make me another one with cherry blossoms which turned out so lovely. Thank you for creating such amazing art!

Marie Chiem