Our Story

Ciclomanías started out as the dream of two high school students from the city of Aguascalientes, Ags., México: Elizabeth Romo Rábago and Marco Adolfo Rivera Muñoz. Ever since, this project has been build upon two objectives that have been key to its development:

 1. The elaboration of novel, useful, and environmentally friendly arts and crafts to create environmental awareness.

2. To promote the participation and collaboration of different vulnerable sectors of the population.

The project of Ciclomanías was presented for the first time at the “Foro Estatal de Juventud y Gobierno” (Youth and Government State Forum) on September 2000, where it started to consolidate. Thereafter Ciclomanías continued its development and within two years participated in the “Premio Estatal del Emprendedor 2002” (State Entrepeneur Contest 2002).


On August 2002, Ciclomanías consolidated one of its main objectives, which was achieved thanks to the technique known as “Ludoplastia” (From the greek words Ludos: play and Plasté: shape).

This technique was created by the architect José Luis Vargas Luévano, who suggests that “to be able to play with shapes one should first know their origin” to finally create objects full of art, made of reused materials of common waste products.