A Cow and a Donkey



There is an age old fairytale about a cow and a donkey.* 
At first both animals were good friends. Day after day cow worked the fields while donkey got to stand in the shade and relax. Donkey sympathized with Cow because Cow had to work so hard plowing the fields. Donkey suggested to Cow to pretend to be sick so he could take a day off. The owner of the animals overheard the conversation and got mad with Donkey for telling Cow to lie. When Cow pretended to be sick, the owner hitched Donkey to the plow instead. At the end of the day Donkey came home tired and hurting. Cow just made fun of donkey and said that he would pretend to be sick again the next day. Donkey got upset with Cow for this because Cow didn’t care Donkey had been hurt. Donkey’s feelings got hurt and unfortunately didn’t speak to cow again. 
Moral of the story: When telling others how to avoid work, make sure you don’t get the work put on you. [Included in listing]
• One handcrafted cow sculpture 
• One handcrafted donkey sculpture

• Handcrafted out of sturdy recycled material
• Designed, crafted and created by Artisan with professional materials
• Donkey: approx. 11 inches high x 10 inches x 2 inches (10cm x 8cm x 13cm)
• Cow: approx. 10 inches high x 8 inches x 3 inches (13cm x 4cm x 13cm)

[Care Instructions]
• Dust gently with feather duster. 
• Do not place near water
• Do not place near open flame
• For indoor use only.

Fairytales are great reminders of life lessons and this handcrafted storytelling pair of animals will make a great story to tell your kids and grandkids, passing on wisdom of old.

*Above story available from the book “Thousand and One Nights” in the public domain.


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Glue, Acrylic paints, Recycled corrugated cardboard, Wire, Paper, Certified non toxic acrylic paint, Certified non toxic glue
  • Gift message available